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Changing The Way Surplus Motors Are Sold.

Pre-Certified Electrically & Mechanically

All Pre-Certified E-ok and Mechanically OK Surplus are visually inspected for damage to the frame, or welded footings (previous welds, cracks, etc.), or punch marks from previous repairs.

Ball bearing motor shafts are turned to insure it rotates/turns freely.

The motor windings IR is checked to ground, with a minimum acceptance reading of 3 megohms for 230 or 460-volt and 25 megohms for 2300 and 4160volt motors. This testing is performed at 1000 volt D.C. for 460-volt motors and 5000 volts D.C. for 2300 and 4160-volt motors.

**NOTE** Windings are washed and baked when necessary.

Motor will be completely disassembled and visually inspected for broken or missing parts, as well as any visual defects in the stator iron or rotor.

Rotor will be placed in a lathe and a T.I.R. will be performed. All data shall be recorded where potential buyer may review. The rotor will be inspected for loose, open or bent rotor bars and any signs of defective end rings. We will perform an open rotor (single phase) test as well as growler test on rotor.

We will perform a “core loss” test to insure there are no hot spots or damaged iron/core.

Documentation of all testing will be provided to potential buyer, for approval prior to shipment. The motor name plate and critical mounting dimensions are confirmed to match as advertised or per customers’ purchase order.



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