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Changing The Way Surplus Motors Are Sold.

Pre-Certified New Surplus

Our Pre-Certified New Surplus are visually inspected for damage to frames or welded footings (previous welds, cracks, etc.).

The motor windings IR is checked to ground, with a minimum acceptance reading of 100 megohms for 230 or 460-volt and 500 megohms for 2300 and 4160 volt motors. This testing is performed at 1000 volt D.C. for 460-volt motors and 5000 volts D.C. for 2300 and 4160-volt motors.

If found to have an acceptable megger reading, the windings will be further tested by performing a surge, dielectric insulation (DC), DA and polarization index testing.

Ball bearing motors will have the shaft turned, and “run out” is recorded.

**Note** All ball bearings have fresh grease added during “no load” test run.

Sleeve bearing motor bearings are rolled and inspected. Sleeve Bearings found to be “like new” will be rolled back into housings. New oil is then added for shaft “run out”. When applicable, any heater and RTD circuits will be checked for continuity, type and operation.

Unit is then placed on test stand, run at “no load” for at least 1 hour. Sleeve bearing units are run until bearing temperatures stabilize. Rotor magnetic center is confirmed, as well as end play within acceptable limits.

Recordings of data related to: No load amps, rated voltage per phase, vibration readings at full operating temperature with full half key installed the entire length of keyway slot, flush with the end of the shaft.

When testing is complete, oil is drained from bearing housing and “no-oil” tags are place on motor. Sleeve Bearing Motors will have all shafts blocked.

All testing is documented and provided to customer for approval prior to shipment. The motor name plate and critical mounting dimensions are confirmed to match as advertised or per customers’ purchase order.

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