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Changing The Way Surplus Motors Are Sold.

When your electric motor goes down and new or repair is not an option. GCS Reliable can get you back up and running in no time with our services offered below. We are an opportunity driven company and will stay on your project 24/7, we will not stop, rest, or quit working until your process is back up and running. Purchasing from us means you are buying a unit that’s not only going to solve your immediate needs but also, a unit that’s going to provide years of reliable service.

Remanufactured Equipment

Once we receive your requirements, GCS Reliable will immediately start to source our extensive inventory to offer the right electrical and mechanical bolt-in replacement for your situation. QC will review all specifications as well your critical dimensions, comparing to offered replacement motor to ensure there are no issue after unit is delivery to “job site”. After “Confirmation of Order” is received, the unit will be disassembled, remanufactured and tested per our specifications attached below. When this process is completed ALL testing documentation will be reviewed by QC and a finial dimensional check will be confirmed in relation to “Confirmation of Order” View our Minimum Requirements for Remanufacturing Electric Motors

Used, Electrically OK

Have your “preferred vendor” or you’re a Repair Facility trying to support a customer, no problem. Electric motors can be purchased with or without a warranty, Remanufactured or Electrically Ok. If purchased EOK, we not only megger test the winding insulation but test all electrical aspects of stator and rotor as if it was a rebuild. Why pay freight twice, we have the resources to insure you are receiving a good rebuildable Electrically OK motor. View our Electrically OK testing Procedure


When a breakdown stops production, failure is catastrophic and New or Used is not an option. GCS Reliable will redesign a motor for you; original design data and new design data taken and calculated by leading engineers in the industry will be provided for review. Once redesign has been confirmed and signed off on by all parties, production will start. At time remanufacture process is complete, unit will be tested to insure it meets and/or exceeds factory new specifications. View our Minimum Requirements for Remanufacturing Electric Motors

Transition Bases

Sometimes that “old dog” no longer hunts or your process and specifications call for New only. With our extensive archive of dimensional drawings, coupled with 22 years of providing and building transition bases; GCS Reliable can provide you with a transition base that will offer a bolt-in replacement to that “old dog”. *NOTE* Our bases are not rolled steel, we provide solid, milled and plained bases that are constructed and heavy enough to eliminate vibration as a concern.


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