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Changing The Way Surplus Motors Are Sold.

Everyone has purchased a surplus motor with the impression they where purchasing a good unit to rebuild or put into service. Everyone has received said motor and found that their impressions could not have been more wrong. GCS Reliable believes its time for surplus dealers to change our customers expectations and this will be achieved by surplus dealers raising our standards. It’s time customers know exactly what they are purchasing and have a clear understanding of what’s required to meet the demands of their situation. That’s why we are offering our surplus equipment Pre-Certified.

With GCS Pre-Certified, your total cost is known upfront and this approach allows you to provide your customer the best option, at the best price.

We offer 3 levels of Pre-Certification

Pre-Certified Electrically-OK Surplus (prior to shipment all motors are at a minimum Pre-Certified to this standard).  View complete EOK surplus certification process here.

Pre-Certified Electrically-OK & Mechanically OK Surplus. View complete Electrically & Mechanically OK surplus certification process here.

Pre-Certified New Surplus  View complete New surplus certification process here. 


View New Surplus Pre-Certification Forms

View Pre-Certified Electrically OK Forms



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